Remembrance Day 2019 – The Kemptville Cenotaph

It was a very cold day today (-7 degrees). I think this is the first time this season that the temperature has dropped below zero. I really should have worn much warmer winter boots today. Today is Remembrance Day and this morning I attended the North Grenville Remembrance Ceremony at the Kemptville Cenotaph. The Cenotaph is in front of the former North Grenville District High School (NDDHS). The Town of Kemptville has consistently been holding

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Kemptville, Ontario, Canada – One of the Best Spots for a Short Hike – The Ferguson Tree Nursery  

I work from my home office here in Kemptville Ontario. I talk to my mum just about every other day over the phone. On this day (Monday November 4th, 2019) my mother suggested that we go for a walk. I agreed and thought that if she came to Kemptville from her home in Mountain, we could enjoy the Ferguson Tree Nursery – with my lovely dog Oakley. Walks are so much better when you bring

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